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            Miners descending into mine. Number 12 Colliery, New Waterford, . 1966. - Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management

            In homes, schools and libraries across nada, people are looking for evidence of what it means to be a nadian. is a gateway to archival resources found in over 800 repositories across nada--it's your gateway to nada's collective memory!


            Through you n:

            • Search archival holdings across nada
            • Access Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks
            • View digitized photographs, maps and other documents about nada's history

            *New* archival descriptions and digitized products are added regularly.


            is an official archival portal maintained by the  nadian Council of Archives (C), and is a joint initiative of C, the Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks, and Library and Archives nada (LAC). All archival descriptions and links contained in the searchable database are provided by provincial and territorial councils, their members, and LAC.

            We welcome your feedback.

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